Points of Culture

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Points of Culture

1. Ownership: We recognize that as individuals we are 100% accountable for our actions at Move With  Grace. If we want a situation to change, we first must be the change we want to see.

2. Abundance: We will run a profitable commercial enterprise that will provide our students with an excellent product as well as giving them a sense of achievement and confidence.
As we grow, so should they.

3. Quality: We recognize that our products and services must be delivered with consistency as will our actions. The Quality of our product is influenced heavily by the quality of our

4. Integrity: What we promise is what we will deliver, what we say is what we will do.

5. Innovation: We aim to be different, to break barriers, to be above the norm. We view our products to be both a value for the instruction they offer in Dance, but a vehicle to help people
change for the better.

6. Fun: Our studio is a place where everyone will enjoy their experience, whether they are Student, Staff or Parent. The work is serious, but training is imparted in a fun and positive way with our aim being the creation of love of dance in the participant.

7. Grace: “It is not just to Dance…it is to Move With Grace” We believe there is grace in everyone, not only in movement but in mind and spirit. We will be graceful in our approach, our doing and our outcome.

8. Motivation: We aim to inspire, to teach and to grow in everything we do. We lead by example and that example will be a positive one for our piers, our students and our clientele.

9. Teamwork: We look towards common goals, we work towards common outcomes. Although skills may differ, we all can contribute.

10. Supremacy: We will maintain ourselves as the market leader through higher standards, better methods and unique positioning.

Vision and Mission

Move With Grace Dance Studios supports a vision of “Building Character in People Through Quality Dance Training.”

Move With Grace Dance Studios offers high quality dance instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical-Contemporary, Stage Vocal and Highland for students children’s ages through to adult. We believe that all students should feel capable and confident so positive motivation is used to impart training through recognized syllabus in a safe, family friendly atmosphere by highly trained, qualified adult instructors. Nothing we do is behind closed doors, as we feel the process is as important as the product when dealing with children. All choreograph, costuming and music is age appropriate.