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Summer is upon us and the question of what to do with the kids is on the minds of many parents. Move with Grace summer dance camps may be the right answer for your family

Here are some reasons to Consider Summer Dance Camp:


Learning  that is FUN!

Summer dance camps provide a great resource to keep those brains working in a fun, creative and physical way through observational learning. Memorizing patterns, sequence of steps, music rhythms, etc., keeps those brains active! Studies show that making split-second, quick decisions as when we do in dance, causes new neural pathways to form which in turn increases our brain power.



 Dance is a great way for kids to discover what they are passionate about.  Maybe it’s a particular style of dance.  Maybe it’s finding a new way to move their bodies, (“Who knew Susan loved Hip Hop!”). Maybe it’s the discovery of the math in the music, or, maybe it’s their chance to find out how really good they are at something. Discovery is a wonderful thing for every child regardless of age. It fires the imagination and allows a kid to dream.


Confidence Building


At Move with Grace  Summer Dance Camp, every child belongs. It’s fun and every step is celebrated. They gain confidence with every movement. It’s the joy of it.



Make New Friends

Dancing by its very nature creates a team-like atmosphere. Students must work together during their warm up, their stretches, choreography.There is time to have fun while making new crafts.   Kids bond and make fast friends that they like to hang out with after the day is over. Memories are formed that last forever.


Permission to be Creative

We recognize that some kids are shy about being creative, which can spark thinking. In a summer dance camp creativity is all around them. They are given the perfect opportunity to be creative through movement, music, what they wear everyday.

Our camps this year 🙂

July 15-19 “At the Beach”

Sun and fun every day with party dance and events around a beach holiday! Crafts, movies, themed theatre games and more!

July 22-26 “Once upon a time”

Have a great week playing games, learning dances, watching your favourite princess movies, royal crafts and living the life of “Happily Ever After”

This Camp is designed around our Love of the leading ladies who’s poise and beauty know no rival

Aug 12-16 “Calendar Girls”

Find that inner diva with a different fashion season every day! Dances themed to the runway, theatre games, crafts movies and more!!



  • Cost per student 1 week  $200/week
  • Combo of any 2 or more day camps $175/wk rate
  • Refer a Non registered friend for an additional 25% off
  • All Prices subject to HST
  • Must provide their own lunch, beverages and snacks


WE would love you to join us!


visit www.movewithgrace.ca to register

the registration button is the SUNSHINE 🙂



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