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Recital Memories|Move With Grace Dance Studio Cambridge ON

My memories  of dance recitals are filled with bobby pins and blue shadow.  Showing my age but yes Mabeline blue eye shadow.  Seriously what where we thinking?  I even smile at the thought of massive amounts of hair  gel we use to glob on our heads to shellac our buns into place. Recitals meant hours of playing around backstage while your whole family waited in a high school auditorium for you to perform, racks of costume changes and even dressers to help  you with the quick ones. They were so exciting! Man I loved recitals.


I still LOVE recitals!  I am super excited to see the smiling faces of your  fantastic kids.  Recitals offer time for new friendships,  lasting memories and triumphant moments.


Your daughters and sons may be nervous but please remember calm starts with you.  This is about a great experience for your children!


Many Moms and Dads are nervous about them being backstage for 2-3 hours.  Trust me the kids have a ball.  They are hanging out with their friends,  the teachers that they know and trust are with them and the volunteer moms are fantastic!  It is just like a super long recess.


Hair and Make up –  Use lots of gel 🙂  Use hair nets that match the childs hair colour but mostly remember that this is about them.  Hair is not important enough to fight over.

Foundation,  red lipstick and blush may look too much up close but on stage it will look fantastic.  Have fun with this too.


Most of all …. be proud of your child.  Weather they stand on the stage and wave at you or emerge as the leader of the group … they just did something that takes guts.  They are growing as a human being.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help them foster memories that they will have for a  lifetime.


Enjoy the weekend!!