Welcome to Move With Grace Dance Studio

We are Move With Grace dance studios and we believe that Dance helps kids reach their full potential, build confidence and inspires pride!   We build confidence in kids through dance in a fun family environment leaving them with a sense of belonging, purpose and pride.  

Watching your child shine with joy while learning dance is as rewarding for you as it is for them.

Move With Grace named Consumers Choice Award Waterloo Region 2016 Best Dance Studio

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Our dance studios are named the best dance school not only in the city of Cambridge, but also in the Region of Waterloo read about it here!  

We can confidently boast this as the winners of the 2016 & 2017 Consumers Choice Awards for Waterloo Region- Best Dance Studio.  The Cambridge Times Readers Choice Awards have also awarded Move With Grace dance studios the 1st Place Diamond Award - Best Dance School for 12 years since our formation back in 2004.  


We provide dance classes for children ages 2 to 18 in Cambridge & Fergus Ontario. Because our studios are located in a regional area we have many clients from Kitchener, Guelph, Elora, and Wellington counties as well as the Region of Waterloo.

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Our Dance Program Streams

Kiddazzle 10 Week Program
Kiddazzle    10 Week Program Ages 2.5 to 4 Full semester also available
Tot Dance      Combo  Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop  combo class   Ages 4-5
     Rising           Stars      Recreational Dance     Ages 5 to 18 Sorted By Age & Level
Shooting Stars Competitive Program (Part time and Full Time) Ages 5 to 19
BAD Crew
BAD Crew Boys Athletic Dance     Ages 5-12
Domestic Divas
Domestic Diva's    Ages 21+











Dance Performances

Who We Are

Move With Grace Dance Studios - Cambridge and Fergus Ontario

Move With Grace was incorporated in April 2004 with a clear vision that we would be different.  A focus group of industry professionals and parents was consulted in the construction of the concept looking to what works well in a typical dance studio and looking to improve on those ideas, but more importantly, what does not work well and how we could create a better dance facility.

Several unique propositions were adopted and Move With Grace was born.

Some key areas of differentiation:

  • Teachers, the process, the class, the student - all can be observed at all times.
  • Children should be treated with respect.  There is no need to motivate using punitive approaches, regardless of how it has traditionally been done.  There is no yelling or isolating students to make a point at our studio.
  • The instruction will be imparted by qualified adult instructor.  All of our teachers will be qualified adults.
  • Not every teacher is good at everything, set the ego aside.  Dance Studios typically have one owner teacher that does just about everything.  There are very few teachers that can truely be considered experts in all forms of dance.  We hire for attitude and specialization.   With 13 staff we have both specialized expertise in all of the areas we teach but also enough redundancy to cover when the main teacher is not available.
  • We will be part of your Childs influence, so we approach the process as a whole experience.  Age appropriate music, costuming, choreography and behaviour is used at all times.
  • Our present facility in Cambridge is 10,000 sqft including a 2500 sqft. wireless internet cafe for the parents.  All of our classes are broadcast onto large screen TV's.  You are welcome to stay!  We have 5 large air conditioned studios with sprung professional dance flooring surface to minimize potential injury.

Our Policies


Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. For full classes, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate other students if and when space becomes available. Classes are limited in size and students are grouped according to age and ability level. Classes begin in September and end in June with our annual Spring Production. We do allow for a January enrollment which still entitles these students to the Spring production. Registration fee and first payment plan instalment are due at time of enrolment.

Tuition Payments

Payments may be made either by personal check, cash, Debit Card, Visa or Mastercard. Checks should be made payable to Move with Grace Inc. To ensure proper credit, please put your child's name on the check, especially if your child has a different last name than yours.  You may also pay online anytime through your parent portal by credit or debit or by enrolling in automated payment.

Late Fees and Returned Checks

A $25.00 processing fee will be added for all returned checks. The studio reserves the right to discontinue a dancer's classes for non-payment of tuition and fees when necessary.

Past Due: Parents or students who allow their account to go into arrears may forfeit their place in class and in the recital. If a circumstance should arises where a payment will not be made at an agreed time it is incumbent upon the client to inform Move With Grace Inc. immediately to make alternative arrangements. Tuition payments Past Due are subject to a penalty of 2.5% per month. Accounts failing to pay under the terms of our policies and registration contract without previous arrangements, will be subject to collections activities.


The studio requires written notice to the front desk at least 4 weeks prior to discontinuing classes. You will be responsible for four weeks tuition from the date the studio receives notification prior to October 15th. Withdrawals after October15th are non refundable as the class spot cannot be filled or replaced after that date. Registered students are responsible for the full term tuition past October 15th. For registrants after October 15th, no drop add period exists however if you are leaving for any reason, we would appreciate four weeks written notice. Students are responsible for letting the instructor know if they will not be returning to a class. If a student is not enjoying a class in which they are registered and would like to move to an alternate class spot in a different discipline, we will make every effort to make that transition for you.


Our studio requires all students to arrive to class regularly and on time. Please notify the front desk if you will be missing classes for an extended period due to illness or vacation. Tuition refunds will not be made in the case of absences due to illness or vacation.

Tuition Payment

All tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month if a special payment schedule is arranged prior to class start. Post dated cheques are due before the first scheduled class. Payments may be made in three term sections of September, December and March or monthly from September to June but will be subject to a 12% interest adjustment. Payments remain the same each month regardless of attendance, school closures, holidays, etc.

Accessibility Policy

Move With Grace Dance Studio Cambridge  believes in breaking down barriers and helping everyone be equally able to participate in the dance experience.  If you employ a special support worker and require them in class with you, we will allow them to participate free of charge.

If there are any special requests that we may be able to reasonably make accommodations for, please let us know.

We welcome your feedback at info@movewithgrace.ca or please approach the front desk.


Points of Culture

1. Ownership: We recognize that as individuals we are 100% accountable for our actions at Move With  Grace. If we want a situation to change, we first must be the change we want to see.

2. Abundance: We will run a profitable commercial enterprise that will provide our students with an excellent product as well as giving them a sense of achievement and confidence.
As we grow, so should they.

3. Quality: We recognize that our products and services must be delivered with consistency as will our actions. The Quality of our product is influenced heavily by the quality of our

4. Integrity: What we promise is what we will deliver, what we say is what we will do.

5. Innovation: We aim to be different, to break barriers, to be above the norm. We view our products to be both a value for the instruction they offer in Dance, but a vehicle to help people
change for the better.

6. Fun: Our studio is a place where everyone will enjoy their experience, whether they are Student, Staff or Parent. The work is serious, but training is imparted in a fun and positive way with our aim being the creation of love of dance in the participant.

7. Grace: "It is not just to Dance…it is to Move With Grace" We believe there is grace in everyone, not only in movement but in mind and spirit. We will be graceful in our approach, our doing and our outcome.

8. Motivation: We aim to inspire, to teach and to grow in everything we do. We lead by example and that example will be a positive one for our piers, our students and our clientele.

9. Teamwork: We look towards common goals, we work towards common outcomes. Although skills may differ, we all can contribute.

10. Supremacy: We will maintain ourselves as the market leader through higher standards, better methods and unique positioning.

Vision and Mission

Move With Grace Dance Studios supports a vision of "Building Character in People Through Quality Dance Training."

Move With Grace Dance Studios offers high quality dance instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical-Contemporary, Stage Vocal and Highland for students children’s ages through to adult. We believe that all students should feel capable and confident so positive motivation is used to impart training through recognized syllabus in a safe, family friendly atmosphere by highly trained, qualified adult instructors. Nothing we do is behind closed doors, as we feel the process is as important as the product when dealing with children. All choreograph, costuming and music is age appropriate.


Parent Guide

Please call 519-650-5633 for more information while we are updating our website.

Kiana Tucker

Kiana Tucker Instructor at Move With Grace Dance StiudiosKiana is a rising star as a teacher and choreographer with a strong specialization in Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet.  A national championship level dancer, and performer, she works closely as a teaching assistant to Jay T. Schramek and Gerrard McIsaac.  

Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman Acrobatics Instructor at Move With Grace Dance StudiosSarah is a seasoned coach, athlete and choreographer having started her career as a promising gymnast and olympic hopeful.  After suffering an injury during the Olympic team trials, Sarah decided to focus her efforts on the coaching elements of development and assisting other gymnasts in following their dreams.  After several years of advanced level coaching for a local Cambridge gymnastics club and as a consulting coach for a national cheer organization, Sarah has decided to transition her skills into Acrobatics instruction.  Mrs. Chapman enjoys certifications both as an advanced level gymnastics coach but also as a certified member of Acrobatic Arts and is thrilled to be passing her experience on the the students of Move With Grace.

Eric Oleskiw

eric headshot

Eric Oleskiw

is an A.C.E. certified dance adjudicator. He trained at the New York City campus of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Having been a dance educator for 11 years, Eric’s works have been seen on stage including work with recording artists Julie Black, Debra Cox and Kristina Maria. He has also been seen on television and film including Slice TV’s Party Mama’s, Fraud Squad, Dance Yourself Clean and various music videos. Eric still performs professionally in stage and theatre. He is looking forward to sharing his passion and wisdom of dance with a new generation of talented athletes and artists.

Eric specializes in professional musical theatre, vocal, performance and dance training. He choreographs award winning song & dance as well as funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Lyrical

Melissa Trueman

Info to follow


Acrobatic Arts Certified Module 1

Madison Rath

Madison Rath

Madison Rath – BFA dance

Teacher Choreographer
Madi Rath – Teacher Choreographer

Madison has been dancing since the age of two. She grew up in Ancaster Ontario where she danced competitively for 16 years. Madison has trained in several dance styles such as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Musical theatre and Modern dance. During her years competing she has won numerous awards and titles throughout both regional and national competitions across Canada. Madison worked with the Hamilton Ballet Youth Ensemble in her teenage years and performed in the Cuban Ballet Company’s “The Nutcracker”. Madison has been teaching competitively for 5 years now and her routines and choreography have won and been recognized for many special awards and overalls. She was recognized for top choreography awards throughout 2013 & 2014 dance seasons and was awarded as a top young choreographer at Shine dance regionals in 2015.

Madison has completed her BFA Honours in Dance (Specialty in contemporary dance and choreography) at York University. She has choreographed for several contemporary dance shows at York University over the years including 2013’s York Dances, and 2015 Dance Innovations receiving honours in the choreography specialty. Madison is excited to share her passion for dance with the students of Move with Grace.

Teacher Choreographer

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Known for exquisite technique and for her grace, Shayla Walker has transformed her small town upbringing into an outgoing, inspiring dancer and teacher. Shayla made her first steps into the dance studio at the age of 3 where she began training with some of the GTA’s greatest dance teachers and choreographers. She was given many opportunities to showcase her talent throughout her studio years while also travelling across Canada and the USA attending many different workshops and being exposed to remarkable choreographers. Shayla’s first professional debut opportunity came while performing in New York City, showcasing her exciting and frivolous talent at Jump Nationals VIP Winner showcase at Radio City Music Hall. Shayla poised the stage in The Conteur Academy’s inaugural productions of “Frames” and “ Fill in the Blanks” under the artistic direction of Eryn Waltman. Not only a dancer, but as well a creator, Shayla Walker aspires to produce innovative and inspiring choreography for all of her dance students through her choreographic choices. Throughout her time teaching, Shayla’s choreography has been awarded numerous overalls, some of which include winning the Highest Overall mark of the competition. Shayla prides herself on being accredited with her B.A.T.D. dance teaching certification, A.C.E adjudicator’s certification of excellence and is currently enrolled in D.M.A TTS program. She strives to maintain a professional approach in all of her endeavors. As a recent graduate from The Conteur Academy, Shayla is determined to change the world of teaching and choreography for emerging dancers. Shayla is filled with youthful exuberance and exudes a passion for the dance industry, which has led her to her next challenge teaching future and current talent, which will ultimately provide her the outlet to combine all of her years of experience and dance technique into the ability to pass on her passion with the upmost accuracy and professionalism.

Kristen Tschirhart

Kristen Tschirhart

A former Move With Grace dancer herself, Kristen has been dancing since the age of three and has trained extensively in jazz, ballet, tap, modern, lyrical/ contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre. Kristen is a graduate of the Arts Program at Eastwood Collegiate Institute in Kitchener where she majored in dance, dramatic arts, and music. Not only did Kristen choreograph and perform extensively throughout her four years at Eastwood, she was a member of the Kinesis Dance Company, a modern based company under the direction of Janis Price. With Kinesis, Kristen has had many opportunities to perform throughout Southwestern Ontario.


Further, In 2012, Kristen graduated from York University with a bachelor of fine arts in dance with honours specializing in choreography and performance. She is also a certified instructor with Acrobatic Arts.  At York, she had the opportunity of training with some of the best names in Canadian contemporary and ballet dance, as well as performing some of their pieces. Moreover, Kristen was fortunate enough to participate in choreography and performance classes, where she not only choreographed for students, but also was a dancer for other pieces throughout her four years. In her final year, she was a member of York Dance Ensemble- a pre- professional company under the direction of Holly Small. With York Dance Ensemble, Kristen was fortunate enough to tour throughout Ontario performing for not only sold out crowds in Sudbury, Toronto, and Guelph, but for David Earle himself.


A 2014 graduate from Conestoga College’s business program with distinction, Kristen is very excited to be back at Move With Grace and to share her passion of dance with others.

Alyssa Mueller – Student Mentor & Choreographer

Alyssa Mueller – Student Mentor & Choreographer

Move With Grace is pleased to announce the appointment of Alyssa Mueller as this year’s Student Choreographer and Mentor.  Alyssa is a senior dancer on the Move With Grace Cambridge competitive team and is currently in Grade 11.  Alyssa was sited as a great youth leader and she has assisted in dance classes for Miss Robyn for three years.

Every year Move With Grace opens up an opportunity spot for a Student mentored choreography working directly with Miss Robyn and a competitive choreography of Mini or Junior age level.  Alyssa applied for the position in 2012 and was considered against several other candidates.

She is busy choreographing a Boy’s Lyrical piece with great enthusiasm and excitement from the 5  students participating.


Congratulations Alyssa!!

Kasia Szkolka

Kasia Szkolka

Robyn Tedesco – Artistic Director

Robyn Tedesco – Artistic Director

robynheadshotRobyn is a seasoned veteran of the performance industry with over 30 years of professional experience in both teaching and stage.  Classically educated in ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz & tap she attended both Ryerson University and the University of Waterloo attaining a BA (Dance)  Her training has included studying the Cecchetti Method at the National Ballet of Canada, Royal Academy of Dance, CDTA Ballet, ADAPT Jazz and Tap; and recently both levels 1 & 2 Acrobatic Arts Certification.

Her performance, acting and choreographic credits include roles in plays such as “Grease the Musical,” “The Bacchae,” the movie “One Magic Christmas,” “Music Box Dancer” with Frank Mills and many more.  She has been twice recognized by the Government of  Canada for Contribution to the Arts in a cultural exchange with The New York School of the Performing Arts and her participation representing Canada in the 1988 Louisiana World’s Fair.

She has provided expert instruction at conferences and conventions for Performing Arts Educators of Canada, British Association of Teachers of Dance and the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.

Adjudication credits include over 50 different festivals and events for major competitions across Canada. Robyn is a certified member of the International Association of  Dance Adjudicators and a partner and instructor for A.C.E. Certification of dance judges.