Move With Grace Dance studios Cambridge – looking for dance classes near me? You’ve found the best!

We are so happy you found us!  Move With Grace Dance Studio is rated the best dance studio in Cambridge and in the Waterloo Region.  

For dance classes in Cambridge, we’re #1

We create confident kids through dance which is an amazing method of creating self-esteem, pride, collaboration, discipline, and joy! 

The sense of belonging that develops alongside a great artistic passion also produces better physicality, coordination, balance, and poise. When you are looking for dance studios in Cambridge, call us first!

Why is Move With Grace Dance studios Cambridge recognized as the leader in quality dance
and Performing Arts Education?

Because we build confidence in kids through dance and the performing arts in a fun family environment giving them a sense of belonging, purpose and pride! We do it in a unique way – we treat the students with positivity & respect.

Our teachers are the best in the area, highly qualified to instruct, and wonderful with kids. They are exceptional dance teachers, positive mentors & recognized leaders in the industry.

Miss Robyn our director, was asked to be the  Canadian Dance Judge in the 2017 Commonwealth World Cup of Dance in Sun City South Africa. She was also an  IDO Choreographer for team Canada in 2018. Her Ballet classes are legendary 🙂 

Dance studios Cambridge

When searching online for a local dance studio near me…you’re probably looking for the best dance classes near me

dance studios Cambridge

When you search for dance classes near me on Google, you will find a lot of great alternatives, so how do you choose a dance studio?

Our dance classes in Cambridge are offered from our central location near the intersection of Bishop St. and Hespeler Road adjacent to the Cambridge Centre Mall. Of all the dance studios in Cambridge, we are the most centrally located, so hey that’s convenient!

Our 10,000 square foot facility is state of the art with air conditioning, wi-fi, spacious rooms, and a large lobby for viewing,

We also know it’s not just about the dance, it’s about the experience and all of the great things our dance classes in Cambridge can do to develop a healthy lifestyle for your child. 

In Our dance classes Cambridge kids get the benefits of an awesome physical activity that promotes both artistic and expressive elements of dance but so much more. 

When looking for dance classes in Cambridge, look to the recognized experts in both dance and children’s development at Move With Grace!

We have fun and rewarding classes right from first steps ballet lessons to advanced elite competitive work and choreography with our Excel dance team. 

dance studios Cambridge
Dance classes in Cambridge
Dance studios near me

“We’re ready when they are.”
give your child the gift of dance!

Amazing Dance Studio
Dance classes near me
Dance studio

Dance classes near me, dance studios Cambridge

Rated as the  
Best Dance Studio 
by Multiple organizations

We are thrilled to have been nominated and to have won the 2021 & 2022 1st place Platinum award for best dance lessons in Cambridge as voted by the community. 

Thank you!  AWARD LINK

Dance studios near me

Move With Grace has won the Consumers Choice Award for Best Dance School for 6 consecutive years as selected by independent polling within the Region of Waterloo. 

We have been recognized as the Diamond Award 1st place winner of Best Dance Studio in Cambridge 14 times in 16 years in the Cambridge Times Readers Choice Awards.

Nominated twice for Junior Achievement Business excellence for services and best business under 50 employees.

Move With Grace provides dance classes for children ages 2 to 18 in Cambridge, Ontario. Because our studios are located in a regional area we have many clients from Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Puslinch, and Wellington counties as well as the Region of Waterloo.

Voted Best School by Cambridge and
Waterloo Region consumers

of all dance studios Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo

“We have been humbled by the graciousness of our customers over the years, when we started getting nominated for awards like these”   Miss Robyn said

“The local Readers Choice awards is one thing, but when we got the call about the Consumers choice the first time in 2015 we were shocked…that is determined by independent polling, I was humbled.”

Move With Grace has gone on to win the Best Dance School in Waterloo Region 6 times since 2015 out of 37 other studios in the area.

Dance Studio Cambridge Ontario

World class dancers on Team Canada
Winning Gold performing in Poland and Germany

Dance classes near me

Move With Grace was privileged to contribute 8 dancers to the World IDO Championship Team winning Gold Medals in Jazz and Ballet and Silver in Tap

We produce exceptional dancers and successful adults.


Miss Robyn and Miss Ellyna were also choreographers for Team Canada East in 2018.


You have questions. wE have answers.

Here are some questions we commonly get from parents:

What makes your dance classes special vs other choices I have?

First off, there are many amazing choices of dance studios and dance instructors out there. We are fortunate in Cambridge to have so much talent and the benefit is to make a stronger market for the consumer…you!  

What makes Move With Grace special is a combination of highly certified adult dance educators that specialize in “growth oriented” language and correction. 

A highly positive motivational atmosphere that promotes success and fosters a love of dance. Imagine your child experiencing the pride and joy of being successful in a rewarding dance class with us!  

Our director Miss Robyn studied dance and children’s developmental stages in University so our programming is chalked full of stuff that help kids feel successful. 

You will find the dance studios Cambridge location also designed with a family feel, with viewing of everything, we are a family!

Just check our reviews & our Awards. 


What guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee that in the first four weeks we will find the right class for your dancer.  If we can’t, you will only be responsible for the first month of classes.

What happens if my dancer loses interest in classes mid year?

Nobody wants to be forced…and children sometimes want to do something else other than dance class…this happens.  We do use some amazing engagement tools to get kids involved in the class, and sometimes we need to be “in the pool to learn how to swim.”  This is where communications and a team approach to student success is important.  Some strategies to be “mentally ready” for class are to establish a ready to learn protocol. 

Before entering the studio for dance, we can prepare our dancer by making sure bathroom requirements are met before class.  Use of electronic entertainment is often hard for a child to suddenly discontinue if they are engaged in a paw patrol game etc.   Older dancers who are self directing are asked not to have their phones out in the classroom.

We want to be ready to see our friends and focus, so snacks being all done, uniform on and ready to line up are all good life skills to be exercised so we are ready!   Good parenting and happy ready kids all rolled into one, you guys are awesome!

Now for some younger students, occasionally coming directly from daycare or JK can mean we are tired.  A shift in class schedule often corrects this problem, as we have several schedule solutions.  In most cases climatization to the classroom happens naturally and sometimes it is an age related phase if there is resistance.  At the end of the day, talk to us if there seems to be a problem, we’ve been doing this successfully for many years and have taught over 6000 kids in our Cambridge dance studio.


What is the cost structure of your programs?

We know! It’s a lot of information ? All of our pricing is available in the secure  “Parent portal” section of our site. Our pricing structure is based on total classes weekly within a family. The pricing represented in the secure section of our site is a monthly amount plus applicable taxes.  


Are your dance classes near me? What is you dance studio Cambridge location?

Our primary location is our dance studio in Cambridge Ontario in the Region of Waterloo. We are centrally located one block off of HWY 24 Hespeler Rd near the Corner of Bishop and adjacent to the Cambridge Centre Mall. We are a 7 minute drive from Kitchener, a 4 minute drive from Hespeler, a 5 minute drive from North Galt and a 9 minute drive from South Galt. Click the map link in the footer to map your directions or here   Find dance classes near me  

The Cambridge dance Studio services the region including Waterloo, Guelph, Hespeler, Galt, Preston, Kitchener, St George, Ayr & Puslich.

Move With Grace Dance Studio Cambridge 400 Collier Macmillan Dr. Cambridge, ON N1R 7H7


Dance studios Cambridge
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