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About Move With Grace Dance Studio

Move With Grace Dance Studios – Accessibility Policy

Move With Grace Dance Studio Cambridge  believes in breaking down barriers and helping everyone be equally able to participate in the dance experience.  If you employ a special support worker and require them in class with you, we will allow them to participate free of charge.

If there are any special requests that we may be able to reasonably make accommodations for, please let us know.

We welcome your feedback at info@movewithgrace.ca or please approach the front desk.

Who We Are

Move With Grace Dance Studios – Cambridge, Woodstock & Fergus Ontario

Move With Grace was incorporated in April 2004 with a clear vision that we would be different.  A focus group of industry professionals and parents was consulted in the construction of the concept looking to what works well in a typical dance studio and looking to improve on those ideas, but more importantly, what does not work well and how we could create a better dance facility.

Several unique propositions were adopted and Move With Grace was born.

Some key areas of differentiation:

  • Teachers, the process, the class, the student – all can be observed at all times.


  • Children should be treated with respect.  There is no need to motivate using punitive approaches, regardless of how it has traditionally been done.  There is no yelling or isolating students to make a point at our studio.


  • The instruction will be imparted by qualified adult instructor.  All of our teachers will be qualified adults.


  • Not every teacher is good at everything, set the ego aside.  Dance Studios typically have one owner teacher that does just about everything.  There are very few teachers that can truely be considered experts in all forms of dance.  We hire for attitude and specialization.   With 13 staff we have both specialized expertise in all of the areas we teach but also enough redundancy to cover when the main teacher is not available.


  • We will be part of your Childs influence, so we approach the process as a whole experience.  Age appropriate music, costuming, choreography and behaviour is used at all times.



Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. For full classes, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate other students if and when space becomes available. Classes are limited in size and students are grouped according to age and ability level. Classes begin in September and end in June with our annual Spring Production. We do allow for a January enrollment which still entitles these students to the Spring production. Registration fee and first payment plan instalment are due at time of enrolment.


Tuition Payments

Payments may be made either by personal check, cash, Debit Card, Visa or Mastercard. Checks should be made payable to Move with Grace Inc. To ensure proper credit, please put your child’s name on the check, especially if your child has a different last name than yours.


Late Fees and Returned Checks

A $25.00 processing fee will be added for all returned checks. The studio reserves the right to discontinue a dancer’s classes for non-payment of tuition and fees when necessary.

Past Due: Parents or students who allow their account to go into arrears may forfit their place in class and in the recital. If a circumstance should arises where a payment will not be made at an agreed time it is incumbant upon the client to inform Move With Grace Inc. immediatly to make alternative arrangments. Tuition payments Past Due are subject to a penalty of 2.5% per month. Accounts failing to pay under the terms of our policies and registration contract without previous arrangements, will be subject to collections activities.



The studio requires written notice to the front desk at least 4 weeks prior to discontinuing classes. You will be responsible for four weeks tuition from the date the studio receives notification prior to October 15th. Withdrawals after October15th are non refundable as the class spot cannot be filled or replaced after that date. Registered students are responsible for the full term tuition past October 15th. For registrants after October 15th, no drop add period exists however if you are leaving for any reason, we would appreciate four weeks written notice. Students are responsible for letting the instructor know if they will not be returning to a class. If a student is not enjoying a class in which they are registered and would like to move to an alternate class spot in a different discipline, we will make every effort to make that transition for you. If a recital costume has been purchased for the class that your student is moving from, we may require the payment for the costume since we may have already have made the pruchase on your behalf.



Our studio requires all students to arrive to class regularly and on time. Please notify the front desk if you will be missing classes for an extended period due to illness or vacation. Tuition refunds will not be made in the case of absences due to illness or vacation.


Tuition Payment

Tuition payments may be amortized for up to 10 months without interest for accounts in good standing.  Unless a payment schedule has been arranged, tuition is due at the 1st of each month.  Accounts on a payment plan that have recorded a late payment will be subject to an interest fee of 2.5% per month.  Payment plans remain the same regardless of holiday, weather or other closures & attendance.

Points of Culture

Points of Culture

1. Ownership: We recognize that as individuals we are 100% accountable for our actions at Move With  Grace. If we want a situation to change, we first must be the change we want to see.

2. Abundance: We will run a profitable commercial enterprise that will provide our students with an excellent product as well as giving them a sense of achievement and confidence.
As we grow, so should they.

3. Quality: We recognize that our products and services must be delivered with consistency as will our actions. The Quality of our product is influenced heavily by the quality of our

4. Integrity: What we promise is what we will deliver, what we say is what we will do.

5. Innovation: We aim to be different, to break barriers, to be above the norm. We view our products to be both a value for the instruction they offer in Dance, but a vehicle to help people
change for the better.

6. Fun: Our studio is a place where everyone will enjoy their experience, whether they are Student, Staff or Parent. The work is serious, but training is imparted in a fun and positive way with our aim being the creation of love of dance in the participant.

7. Grace: “It is not just to Dance…it is to Move With Grace” We believe there is grace in everyone, not only in movement but in mind and spirit. We will be graceful in our approach, our doing and our outcome.

8. Motivation: We aim to inspire, to teach and to grow in everything we do. We lead by example and that example will be a positive one for our piers, our students and our clientele.

9. Teamwork: We look towards common goals, we work towards common outcomes. Although skills may differ, we all can contribute.

10. Supremacy: We will maintain ourselves as the market leader through higher standards, better methods and unique positioning.

Vision and Mission

Move With Grace Dance Studios supports a vision of “Building Character in People Through Quality Dance Training.”

Move With Grace Dance Studios offers high quality dance instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical-Contemporary, Stage Vocal and Highland for students children’s ages through to adult. We believe that all students should feel capable and confident so positive motivation is used to impart training through recognized syllabus in a safe, family friendly atmosphere by highly trained, qualified adult instructors. Nothing we do is behind closed doors, as we feel the process is as important as the product when dealing with children. All choreograph, costuming and music is age appropriate.

Parent Guide

Please call 519-650-5633 for more information while we are updating our website.