Move With Grace Dance Studios Cambridge building their new 10000 sqft facility near the corner of Bishop and Hespeler Road. Dance Lessons and Kids dance classes to commence July 2nd at this new state of the art facility
I recently read an article about embracing mornings as family time. If your house is anything like mine mornings are crazy! Typically someone has a melt down about not being able to find socks or I am sending kids back up stairs with two minutes to get out the door because they did not brush their teeth.
We are pleased to announce that our studio will be moving to this brand new state of the art facility on July 1st, 2013. It will be the largest facility in the Region of Waterloo and almost on the corner of Hespeler Road and Bishop Street.
Time is an illusion.  When I look at my kids I wonder where did the time go?  As I write […]
When you compare you are saying that there is a better version out there. You are saying what you have, who you are or what surrounds you is not enough.
How do we manifest gratitude on a daily basis? Moreover how do we teach our children to cultivate gratitude.
How to organize healthy meals and snack for our kids who have such busy schedules.
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