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Mr Derek

Mr Derek

Derek has been a competitor and performer for almost 10 years in Cambridge, Fergus and Woodstock Ontario.  Hi fresh positive classes follow many trends in street dance today but also respect the old school styles that are foundational in the Urban Dance scene.  Studio trained in Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary as well as Hip Hop/Urban Derek can fuse many fundamentals of proper dance into the Hip Hop genre.

He was asked in 2016 to open the show for the IAMME dance crew at Centre in the Square as a finalist for the Urban Hip Hop challenge in Kitchener that year.  Derek has also danced in Europe as part of an international dance festival performance in 2017 at 4 locations on the southern Costa Del Sol in Spain.

VJ Derek is also well known in he competitive dance world for being and Emcee and sound/video technician for Inspire Dance Challenge, one of Canada’s best known dance competitions.

Derek is International Dance Teacher Standards LVL1 certified and is working on his CLI studios teacher certification during 2018.

Ellyna Tedesco – Junior Director

Ellyna Tedesco – Junior Director

Accomplished as a performer and competitive dancer for several years, she is an example of what exposure to many different teachers and styles can do for an elite level athlete. 

Ellyna will be traveling to Poland as a member of Team Canada Tap in 2018 under the direction of Mathew Clark, and previously performing as a member of Team Canada East 2017 she competed in the elite small jazz, jazz and modern formations. Additionally, Ellyna has performed internationally in Spain in 2018, in Los Angeles in 2014, and with the National Ballet of Cuba in 2010 on the Havana Grand Theatre stage, their group being the first North Americans to perform since the revolution.

At age 13 Ellyna was awarded a full scholarship to attend BeDiscover’s LA Intensive where she trained at “the Edge” performing arts and worked with world class teachers and choreographers. 

She has appeared as a dancer in the music video “Bootie Swing” by Parov Stelar, has acted and danced in Drayton Entertainment’s 2015 production of “Peter Pan” & the 2014 production of “The Little Mermaid.”   Credits also include catalog modelling for Costumes By Jazzamatazz.  

During her transition year in 2017 from dancer to teacher, Ellyna won three top choreography awards at competition for her initial work in full time competitive categories.

Her recognition in the industry as an up and coming talent is reflected in her being asked to teach at workshops for Pure Rhythm Dance Company-Ancaster & Dixon Dance-Owen Sound. 

Ellyna has attended ADAPT teacher training as well as being certified with Acrobatic Arts module 1 with the addition of a aerial & back handspring clinic  & International Dance Teacher Standards and an affiliate of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.  She is also undertaking her Acrobatic Arts Module 2 and Ballet Associates with CDTA in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions!
How do I know what level of class to take?
We look at the age and experience of your dance and will work with you to find the right fit. Every studio has their own style and technique and it’s important to master before moving onto the next level.
How many students are needed to start a class?
At least 6.

What is your observation policy?
We want our students to learn in the best possible environment, and we want you to see their progress! We will have a closed circuit monitoring system, which will allow you to watch your child’s class on a monitor in the lobby.

How do we receive information throughout the dance year?
We will update the website frequently, we host our own studio App free of charge to our clients & you can also log into your own parent portal, as well as make postings to facebook and we send out a newsletter via Email. If you do not receive a welcome newsletter please let us know so we can ensure we have your address correctly. We will also be sending some information home with your student at various times throughout the year!

Can my 2 year old take class the Kiddazzle Class?
We start children at age 2.5 (child must be 3 by Jan 1). Many students are ready for the loose structure of our class at this time; however, some students are not. We can usually tell within the first four weeks of class if a student is ready or not. If a child is not ready, we will work with you to explore your options, ensuring that no investment is wasted or lost.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend class?
We prefer that all students are out of diapers. We understand that some children, including but not limited to preschoolers and children with special needs, may be prone to accidents. For these students we recommend pullups ALL students should visit the restroom before class to avoid missing any instruction during class.

What should be worn for class?
All students should come to class in bodysuits with proper shoes for each class, a full description of which can be found at the front desk in our parent handbook. Dance attire is required for the safety of the student and to ensure proper dance education with minimal distraction.
Do you spend the entire year working on the recital dance?
Our classes will begin working on their recital dance after the winter break. We spend a few minutes of class working on choreography until the entire dance is learned. All classes include warm-up, center work, across the floor, and combinations. The recital choreography takes the place of the other combinations. As the recital nears, a bit more time may be spent polishing dances, but never the entire class. We want our students to learn the proper technique needed to be a dancer, not just dances.

Do I need to stay while my child is in class?
We ask that parents of new students under age 8 stay in the area for the first few weeks of class, so that the child can be acclimated to the new situation. After this, parents may feel free to run errands during their child’s class time. Please be mindful to return promptly for the end of your child’s class, as our waiting area is unsupervised. If for some reason you know you will be late, please let us know as you drop off your child for class.

Can I wait while my child is in class, or do I have to leave?
We do not allow parents to remain in class, as it is distracting to all of the students and can even affect students’ behavior. You will have the opportunity to observe your child from the lobby. Students with special needs may, but are not required to, have aides in class; although we do recommend that it is a designated aide, rather than a parent or sibling.

What if I am late for class?
Please make every effort to be on time. We do understand that things happen, and being late may be unavoidable. Students that are more than 10 minutes late may be asked to sit and observe for the remainder of the class. This is not a disciplinary measure–it is a policy set in place for your dancer’s safety, as muscles that are not properly warmed up are prone to injury. If being late is unavoidable, please still bring your dancer to class–observing can be as educational as participation, and often gives students a different perspective. Also, please explain the late policy to your dancer to ensure that they understand that it is not a disciplinary technique.

Can I make up a missed class?
Of course, come to any class at the same age level.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes we do accept Visa & MasterCard. You may also pay by cash or check. Online our system accepts payments via Paypal and stripe
The other studio in town advertises a less expensive tuition. Why does your tuition appear to be much higher than other area studios?
We decided to do all-inclusive tuition. While many other studios require extra fees throughout the year for costumes, recital fees, etc., we decided to lump it all together so that you have the same payment each month. It makes budgeting that much easier! Also be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Our classes above 5 years old are all one hour in length not 45 mins.

Why do you have a recital?
A big part of dance training includes learning through performance. Although, performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to children’s non-dance activities. This experience helps build self-esteem and confidence, which can result in better school presentations, improved social skills, and strong college and job interview skills. It also helps with retention skills, and by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.

For Schedules and Pricing

To access our schedules and pricing:

  • Create a Parent Portal log in
  • Enter your student information
  • Classes by location that are age appropriate for your student will appear
  • You can book a class for your child and see the pricing under “Student”
  • Pricing is scaled based on the total number of hours of dance taken weekly in a family enter some class choices to see the pricing for your family


Eric Oleskiw

eric headshot

Eric Oleskiw

is an A.C.E. certified dance adjudicator. He trained at the New York City campus of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Having been a dance educator for 11 years, Eric’s works have been seen on stage including work with recording artists Julie Black, Debra Cox and Kristina Maria. He has also been seen on television and film including Slice TV’s Party Mama’s, Fraud Squad, Dance Yourself Clean and various music videos. Eric still performs professionally in stage and theatre. He is looking forward to sharing his passion and wisdom of dance with a new generation of talented athletes and artists.

Eric specializes in professional musical theatre, vocal, performance and dance training. He choreographs award winning song & dance as well as funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Lyrical

Madison Rath

Madison Rath

Madison Rath – BFA dance

Teacher Choreographer
Madi Rath – Teacher Choreographer

Madison has been dancing since the age of two. She grew up in Ancaster Ontario where she danced competitively for 16 years. Madison has trained in several dance styles such as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Musical theatre and Modern dance. During her years competing she has won numerous awards and titles throughout both regional and national competitions across Canada. Madison worked with the Hamilton Ballet Youth Ensemble in her teenage years and performed in the Cuban Ballet Company’s “The Nutcracker”. Madison has been teaching competitively for 5 years now and her routines and choreography have won and been recognized for many special awards and overalls. She was recognized for top choreography awards throughout 2013 & 2014 dance seasons and was awarded as a top young choreographer at Shine dance regionals in 2015.

Madison has completed her BFA Honours in Dance (Specialty in contemporary dance and choreography) at York University. She has choreographed for several contemporary dance shows at York University over the years including 2013’s York Dances, and 2015 Dance Innovations receiving honours in the choreography specialty. Madison is excited to share her passion for dance with the students of Move with Grace.

Teacher Choreographer

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Shayla Walker

Known for exquisite technique and for her grace, Shayla Walker has transformed her small town upbringing into an outgoing, inspiring dancer and teacher. Shayla made her first steps into the dance studio at the age of 3 where she began training with some of the GTA’s greatest dance teachers and choreographers. She was given many opportunities to showcase her talent throughout her studio years while also travelling across Canada and the USA attending many different workshops and being exposed to remarkable choreographers. Shayla’s first professional debut opportunity came while performing in New York City, showcasing her exciting and frivolous talent at Jump Nationals VIP Winner showcase at Radio City Music Hall. Shayla poised the stage in The Conteur Academy’s inaugural productions of “Frames” and “ Fill in the Blanks” under the artistic direction of Eryn Waltman. Not only a dancer, but as well a creator, Shayla Walker aspires to produce innovative and inspiring choreography for all of her dance students through her choreographic choices. Throughout her time teaching, Shayla’s choreography has been awarded numerous overalls, some of which include winning the Highest Overall mark of the competition. Shayla prides herself on being accredited with her B.A.T.D. dance teaching certification, A.C.E adjudicator’s certification of excellence and is currently enrolled in D.M.A TTS program. She strives to maintain a professional approach in all of her endeavors. As a recent graduate from The Conteur Academy, Shayla is determined to change the world of teaching and choreography for emerging dancers. Shayla is filled with youthful exuberance and exudes a passion for the dance industry, which has led her to her next challenge teaching future and current talent, which will ultimately provide her the outlet to combine all of her years of experience and dance technique into the ability to pass on her passion with the upmost accuracy and professionalism.