Preschool dance classes

Preschool dance classes in Cambridge

,Move With Grace dance studio in Cambridge Ontario prides itself on helping kids build confidence though our preschool dance classes for 4 and 5 year-olds called the Tot Combo class. 

A quick search of “Dance classes near me” and you will find us and our award-winning dance studio featuring our amazing kids dance classes!

This may be a “first steps program” for many young dancers or it may be a continuation of the Kiddazzle program we offer. The Combo class is an amazing and engaging dance class for four and five year old’s who may not yet know what areas of dance they are interested in. 

The preschool dance classes program covers the fundamental first steps required for ballet, the beginnings of Jazz dance, and some of the street dance styles of hip hop. 

This program was developed with the developmental stages of young children in mind. Kids learn using different learning styles like visual, kinesthetic and auditory (see how, do it and say how) Learning tools like position, movement and anatomical colouring pages are used as take-home resources to reinforce the learning. 

The progression of left and right movements and the first syncopated rhythms are practiced (skipping vs galloping) Proper body alignment, etc.  Also practicing all of the good in class skills we need for JK and SK!  Collaboration and listening, body awareness and movement. All using age appropriate music to keep them engaged!  

Our kids dance classes are rated #1 in Waterloo region for a reason! 

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Share in your dancer’s excitement and delight learning and laughing 

The pride a dancer finds in the Preschool dance classes is always apparent when the smile and satisfied look comes across their faces when they start dancing with their friends!  

The Tot Combo preschool dance classes are kids dance classes designed to encourage more than just a creative outlet for children.

Preschool dance classes

Kids dance classes
like our
“Tot Combo Preschool Dance Classes”

are a great way to expand students beyond the dance steps! 

Kids dance classes with many benefits

Tot Combo preschool dance classes for ages 4 and 5 year-olds creates confidence and independence in dancers as they learn body awareness in movement. They improve coordination, balance, grace and poise. 

The practice of syllabus creates a pattern of learning in young dancers that will server to improve their focus and attention.

These are the benefits that come along with early dance classes! Preschool dance classes with Our proven method promotes growth in kids in a really fun and engaging way…they will be begging you to go to dance class again!  

The Tot Combo kids dance classes are age appropriate but chalked full of benefits beyond the steps!

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Envision the benefits that Confidence & Independence produce in your child’s future!

kids dance classes

Kids dance classes are a great way to promote Individual Growth 

…the Tot Combo Preschool dance classes program is full amazing of motivational language !

Dance  fundamentals and variety helps young dancers find their passion!

This program is fabulous for brand new dancers just staring their journey or young dancers under 5 preparing to start into Ballet, Jazz or Hip Hop streams. Comprehension of terminology, understanding of first steps and positions are a great jumping off point on the dance adventure in your kids dance classes!   

We incorporate learning resources to assist dancers retention and practice both technique and choreography culminating in a dance recital opportunity!

The Preschool dance classes are an amazing way to give you amazing young dancer a head-start in school and in life!   

“The Dance of Independence” is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child!

Preschool dance classes are a great way to introduce independent learning

Dance classes near me

Our Tot Combo preschool dance classes & ballet first steps kids dance classes give the child one of their first independent activities. 

This is a huge step in growth and development. We promote not using any electronic devices immediately prior to entering the studio space so your child can begin to focus with the “line up for class” call. 

This establishes a break from inactivity to begin to focus. (COVID protocols may apply) to enter the class space on our best behaviour and proceed to our personal square to be ready for class to start. Here is a great article written on   “the dance of independence” by our director,

Robyn Tedesco 

“I was looking for dance classes near me, but quickly realized the convenience was not the most important thing…the way these guys teach the preschool dance classes is awesome!”   – Jenny Griffon


You have questions. wE have answers.

Questions we hear from parents

Where are your studio locations & do you offer kids dance classes near me?

Our primary location is our dance studio in Cambridge Ontario in the Region of Waterloo. 

We are centrally located one block off of HWY 24 Hespeler Rd near the Corner of Bishop and adjacent to the Cambridge Centre Mall. We are a 7 minute drive from Kitchener, a 4 minute drive from Hespeler, a 5 minute drive from North Galt and a 9 minute drive from South Galt. 

Click the  GOOGLE MAP link in the footer to map your directions ?

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What are the ages of this program and it seems to overlap with your other programs?

In Our dance classes in Cambridge, we offer The Tot Combo “Preschool dance classes” for 4-5 year old’s.  

The  Kiddazzle “First Steps” Toddler dance program for 3 year old’s is specifically for children 2.5 to 4 year or age. This is due to the large developmental difference between 2 & 4 year-olds.  

The Recreational program “Rising Stars” is specifically for students age 5 years and above and is not offered in a combo class format. 

A 5 year old can take the tot Combo or enter the “Rising Star” stream.

Why is this a combo and the others are not?

This is a good question and we have a great reason.  The students taking preschool dance classes are at an age where attention span can still be a challenge and so is choice. 

This is a nice introduction to three popular styles of dance so they can develop a love of dance in general.  By 5 they are already on a path to knowing what they like and a full stream class may be then more appropriate.  

The Tot Preschool dance classes are a great “bang for the buck” for parents that just want to see if dance is a good fit for their young student. 

We also offer several of these through the week so scheduling and making it to the studio from work is a bit easier to arrange 🙂  map to our studio here  Find dance classes near me

What is the cost structure of your programs?

We know! It’s a lot of information ? 

All of our pricing is available in the secure “Parent portal” section of our site. Our pricing structure is based on total classes weekly within a family and is discounted accordingly as more classes are counted. The pricing represented in the secure section of our site is a monthly amount and includes tax.

preschool dance classes
preschool dance classes
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