Kids Love Dancing at MoveWith Grace

Well, I don’t know about you but today my chore list is LOOOONGG! I have yet to find all three of my kid’s lunch bags… which they assure me got placed somewhere in the laundry room on the last day of school. I would like to be sure the house is in tip-top shape going into next week and I would like one more sit down at the table “proper” supper before activities begin for all three kids and every supper but Sunday seems to come from a crockpot … LIKE if you can relate!! However, I think Moms like us (and dad’s) who spend most evenings running 2 or 4 kids in three different directions … we do so by choice. The easy route is to sit on the couch and watch t.v. or knit … We choose to spend our time, energy, and money in the arena and soccer field and dance studio …. WHY? For me it is simple. Yes … I think the kids in the dance studio and on the soccer field are more focused and have parents that care. Yes I like to know my kid’s friends and there is no better way to do that than knowing what they are like watching their own child… but for me the simple reason… I LOVE watching them dance. I love seeing them smile! So … here is to another year of lunches and homework and crazy dance schedules. It is a fun ride. I do hope you join us. The picture below is my youngest, 8 year old Ashlyn –

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