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Let me remember that each life must follow its own course,  and that what happens to other people has absolutely nothing to do with what happens to me.   – Marjorie Holmes

Comparison is the killer of joy.  I herd this once at a business meeting and instantly knew that it was true and knew that I needed to hear that statement that particular day,  embody it and learn to live it.   At that point in time comparison was my self torture of choice.   When you compare you are saying that there is a better version out there.  You are saying what you have,  who you are or what surrounds you is not enough.  It breaks down our accomplishments and surrounds us with want when the positive force is gratitude for where we are,  what we have and who surrounds us.

Have you ever felt a little tinge of resentment when you see someone getting out of your dream car?  Or the thought of jealousy when you see a well put together lady at the mall and you realize you have been walking for an hour with toothpase in your hair (my true story LOL),  or you read a facebook story about a husband bringing flowers to his wife and you instantly think “well my husband wouldn’t do that.”   those kind of comparisons leave unnessesary stress.

The Huna people have a philosophy which simply put is “Bless that which you want.”    The belief is simple,  you cannot have what you resent.  To have wonderful things flow into your life you must firs be thankful for what you have and be willing to bless those around you who seem to have more.

It is like a self fulfilling prophecy.   If you believe that you will never have those things it is true.  If you hold on to resentment and jealousy you will not have the life that you are looking for.   I fall into this pattern now and then as I am sure we all do.  I remember hearing once that Oprah was driving her self nuts worried about what Phil Donahue was doing on his show and how it compared to her and her team until one day she said enough.  It does not matter what he is doing and she and her team concentrated on their vision with no comparisons.  We all know who lasted longer in the business.  Perhaps Phil Donahue and his team compared themselves to Oprah.  I am sure on some level they did.

Being comfortable with yourself is the key.   Is this me today?    Do I have toothpaste in my hair?  Am I acting in a loving way towards all that I am, do and have?   Can I bless those who have more or choose to do things differently?

We do not truly know the stories or the struggles of the people that we look up to or resent.  I must believe in my heart that I am exactly at this point in time where I am supposed to be.

However, I am currently blessing my friends beautifully remodeled kitchen 🙂

It is all perspective

Make it a great day






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