Time is an illusion.  When I look at my kids I wonder where did the time go?  As I write this it is the 10th day of November but I feel like it was just August 10th a week ago.  We have so many demands on our time.  Family,  work, home, school.  We put so much pressure on ourselves …. but doesn’t it seem to always get done?

We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week  weather we are a CEO of a major company or a stay a home mom.   So how do we find balance in our routines?

Most women I know don’t ask for any help?  Why, not?  Why do we try to be super heros?  It is shameful to ask another Mom to pick up or drop off your child at dance.  I know we don’t want to impose.  However why don’t you set up a car pool.  We have several successful ones at the dance studio.  I had a group of 4 mothers a couple of years ago and I would only see them once a month as they had made the class arrangements as a group.   Worked very well for the Moms and the kids had a great time being together.

Housework is my downfall.  I know exactly why.  I do not enjoy it.  Whatever task you do not enjoy you will not excel at.  One day I was listening to Jack Canfield and he encouraged listing your low value tasks.  Those tasks which you do not enjoy or are not good at.  The plan is once you identify the low value task you out source it.  Pay someone to do it and spend the time that would would have done the task so for me cleaning doing something that you love that makes you equal or more money than the service that you paid for.  The other thing that is helpful in a area that you struggle with is let it go.  Does my house have to be perfect?





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