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During our first week back to dance I noticed a common theme of chatter in our lobby.  How to organize healthy meals and snack for our kids who have such busy schedules.   September seems to have a special challenge of school lunches, and the start of music lessons, dance lesson, cheerleading, hockey and so much more.  The kids are all super excited however the Moms and Dads are trying to figure out a way to do it all and not go crazy!

One other thing I learned in our lobby this week is how many of us have committed to hot lunches for our children.  I commend us!  Lunches are many Moms least favorite morning task but the hot lunch routine is actually less stressful then I thought it would be.

Here are some tips from our family and our lobby this week:

Use tupperware pickle keepers to store celery and carrot sticks

Frozen yogurt tubes make a great snack and lunch cooler

If you have a slower night (for us it is Sunday)  cook too much!  Use the left overs for a meal on your busiest night that week.

For the hot lunch families invest in stainless steel thermoses –  they are easier to clean,  do not stain and keep the food at the right temperature.  As I am heating the soup or the lunch that I am sending that day,  I warm the thermos with hot water.  My three kids love the hot lunches.

Many Moms are breaking out the crock pot this week too!  There are more crock pot recipes now then when our Moms had the first crock pots.  I have made jambalaya,  pulled pork,  roasts,  squash and so much more.  Quickly, easily and everyone can eat when they need to.

Here is a quick read article from livestrong:

Feel free to add your tip 🙂

Move with Grace Families have great kids!!!

Jim and I really do believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  Thanks for being  part of our family at Move with Grace Dance studio.



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